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Amazing Facility

We have a huge school building, where each classroom is nearly 1,000 square feet and limited to twenty students; this means we have over twice the space per student than a public school.  Our school has long been considered one of the cleanest and safest in the state by licensing officials and local leaders. We owe it all to our building manager and custodian, Ernesto! He has always cleaned high frequency touch points, including bathrooms and drinking fountains, multiple times every day.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we installed a GPS Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization system,  which kills various viruses, including COVID-19. We are adopting practices and policies that we feel will keep our school community safe, rather than simply relying on the guidance of the CDC or what public schools with nearly 1,000 students are doing. Our goal is to stay open; distance learning isn't for most kids.

Check out a video walk through here: 

Parent Partnership

We are proud customers of the leading early education platform: brightwheel. With brightwheel, our teachers save time by combining check-in, photos, activities, and communication all in one place. This means more time with our students! As a parent, you’ll get private, real-time updates and photos delivered to phone or computer. 


Early education centers across the globe use brightwheel to help schools and teachers stay better connected with families…We love how it helps us partner with you to serve your child well! Watch a video about it here

Holistic Education

In addition to our carefully cultivated curriculum that challenges our students' minds and helps them build relationships with others, we provide a diversity of additional classes and activities that stimulate their body, spirit, and soul!


This includes periodic music classes for age 2 and up, unique physical education classes taught by a local trainer, and weekly chapel services geared toward each age group. We also have an awesome, federally approved food program (CACFP), that ensures the kids receive healthy, yummy breakfast, lunch, and snacks each day. Our menus are also reviewed by a local Dietician!

All of our teachers share their special skills and interests with the kids throughout the regular curriculum; when you peak into our classrooms, you will frequently find the kids learning Spanish or sign language, making art, or praying together. We believe that all of these things are the fuel that will enable your child to succeed in our ever-changing world. 

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