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Our Mission

We are committed to encouraging our community’s kids to reach their full potential,

develop character, and be creative, stimulated, and curious about learning.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Continuity of Care

  • High Teacher to Student Ratio

  • Individualized Attention

  • Encourage Independence and Exploration

  • Academic Excellence

  • Experienced Teachers

  • Easily Accessible

  • Safe, Secure, Locked Building

  • Bully-Free Environment

  • Large, Interactive Classrooms

Abundant research shows

"children who attend high-quality preschool programs: perform better on standardized tests in reading and math; are less likely to be placed

in special education or held back a grade; and are more likely to graduate from high school

and attend college."

Learning Environment

We create an environment where each child feels safe, loved, and important, and where they can be themselves and grow in every area! With a firm belief that everyone is loved and created uniquely, we provide individualized attention to each student and support them in reaching their goals.​


We provide a safe place to learn - both in terms of keeping the kids physically safe and resolving conflicts, and promoting empathy to foster a bully-free environment. 


We have a carefully cultivated curriculum that challenges our students' minds and helps them build relationships with others. Each member of our teaching team brings their own uniqueness and talents to our school, whether that includes sign language, Spanish, or art! School-wide, our average ratio of teachers to students is 9:1. Due to this, our students are often doing work and achieving skills which are above level. ​

More About Us



We aim to be well-networked with local churches, social services, and community events, so we can best connect you to anything that might be helpful for your family.


We not only build relationships with those who live and work in the immediately surrounding area, we have a strong presence at local community meetings and events.

Christian Focus


At WCS, we envision a community in which team members and students’ families are known and cared for by each other, so we are equipped to go out and care for the wider world. 


We seek our Christian witness to be known in how we care for one another. We also pray, sing songs, and learn about the Bible, in the classroom and in engaging chapel services.​​

Individual Attention


Our smaller class sizes allow our dedicated, experienced teachers to spend more individual time with each student to address his or her specific needs.


We work closely with various students that have IEP's through the school district, and help them receive Carson Smith Scholarships which provide full tuition coverage. 

Our History

Our Roots

Daniel and Claudia Cook purchased the former Parkview Elementary school building off of 40th Street in South Ogden with another partner in March 2007 from St. Joseph’s Elementary School. Initially Mr. Cook and his partner purchased the building as an investment, but shortly after the purchase Mr. Cook felt led by God to consider starting up a Christian elementary school for those in Ogden and the surrounding areas. He put the word out to the community to see if there was enough interest.


In the summer of 2007, there were 28 families who wanted Wasatch Christian to become a reality. Because it was already July, Mr. Cook held a meeting to inform parents that there wasn’t enough time to begin school that year, and that he would take the 2007-08 year to generate more interest and advertise the school. At the meeting, parents made it abundantly clear that they did not want to wait another year for Wasatch Christian School to open. They wanted their kids in a Christian school in 2007. 


After deliberation, the founders made the decision to open in September 2007 with 28 families enrolled. Textbooks had to be ordered, and filing cabinets and desks for the office had to be purchased quickly. Policies and procedures were then drafted with school opening in the fall of 2007. The year was a great success, as WCS ended the year with 42 children enrolled. 

In 2009, we saw the need to get our daycare licensed by the state of Utah. As we continued to grow our daycare program, we saw the need to offer infant and toddler care. On February 9, 2013 we opened our state licensed nursery for infants and toddlers. We have continued to add a grade each year, growing alongside our children and continuing to pour into their lives as they become little leaders in our community. 

In 2019, WCS received tax-exempt status as a 501(c)3 from the federal government. We also earned an esteemed High Quality rating from the Child Care Licensing and additional awards for our teacher's commitment to providing activities and engagement beyond what is required. They were also recognized for their devotion to professional development! We also began planning to expand the school to include upper grades, which launched in 2020. 

Dan and Claudia's daughters, Amanda and Catherine, work together to oversee the operations of the private school and child care center. 

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