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Toddlers (12 - 24 Months)

Rollie Pollies

Our infant and toddler teachers help promote your child's development in the classroom through:

  • Providing a nurturing environment that promotes secure attachments

  • Talking in a calm and relaxed voice about what they are doing with your child

  • Hugging, cuddling, and loving your little one

  • Meeting each need of your child

  • Close communication with the parent/guardian

  • Singing, reading and talking to your child throughout the day as an introdution to new words and sounds. 

  • Exploration of age appropriate items, materials, and activities

  • Learning your child's daily patterns, cues, and cries to help meet your child's needs

  • Respecting the child's differences, family background, and diversity 

  • Gentle guidance in acquiring social skills

  • Teaching manners and rules

Active toddlers are full of energy and eager to see, feel and touch the world around them. We'll help them joyfully engage in the learning process as they continue to connect their minds and bodies. Toddlers will learn how to interact with others and explore their environment, while learning about shapes, colors, numbers and the alphabet, as well as rules and good manners. 

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