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Secondary Education

Our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade program will help students reach their full potential, develop godly character, grow in the knowledge of the Lord, be creative, stimulated, and curious about learning. This results in a close-knit community in which students learn to be both collaborators and leaders. 


We teach through direct instruction and supplemental online classes. We ability group in math according to level, so each student can excel at their own pace.  All of our other subjects are taught as whole group, but assignments will be created according to what grade or advancement level the student is at.  Everyday math, literature, writing, grammar, and vocabulary/spelling are taught along with Biblical worldview and apologetics.  Science, history, and Spanish are taught twice a week.  Weekly, a volunteer art instructor, teaches fundamentals of art and creative art, and a licensed personal trainer teaches health, anatomy, and P.E.  We will also hold a variety of interactive classes like engineering and STEM, drama, business management, and home economics at different times throughout the year.  We will be running various after school clubs such as hiking club, chess club, and science club.  We will go on a variety of educational and fun field trips, partner with the community to serve others through different work projects, and have guest speakers come each month and share about their business and/or passion. 


Also, with a licensed child care center and elementary program onsite, we have the unique opportunity to develop leadership skills for our middle school students in our elementary classrooms. Youth may eat lunch with younger kids, help them with art projects, read to them, or even write a theater script where the young kids play star roles.

Rather than a lecture style, we have work desks around the perimeter of the room and couches and co-working tables in the middle. Here, students can let their guard down, which leads to trust and strong peer and mentoring relationships, as well as motivates risk-taking, creativity, and learning.  We aim to inspire our students to care, teaching them that they can make a difference in the world and have a duty to try. We aspire to cultivate passionate learners, critical thinkers, and disciples of Christ who aim to spread the love of Jesus to all they come in contact with.

We will be adding on 9th grade for the 2023-2024 school year!

More information to come!

Private School Tuition

6th - 9th Grade | $550 monthly

Additional Pricing Information

Registration | $50 student ($100 family)

Family Discount | 10% off oldest student's tuition

Police / Fire / Military Discount | 5% off tuition

Advance Payment Discount | 10% off annual tuition paid at beginning of academic year

Discounts may not be combined.

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