Secondary Education

Research Shows...

We seek to prepare students for active participation in a democratic society. At the most basic level, this means we take the ideas of young people seriously. We believe students should have the freedom to follow their own interests and work on hands-on, through creative projects that get at the deeper meaning of what they are learning. After all, if we want school to be meaningful, motivating, and effective, it needs to be more like real life.

Our educational philosophy results in a close-knit community in which students learn to be both collaborators and leaders. Research shows, students with strong relationships at school not only do better academically, but are far less likely to drink, abuse drugs, skip school, bully other kids, and be sexually promiscuous. They’re more likely to wear seat belts in cars, and less likely to carry weapons and have suicidal thoughts. 


With a licensed child care center and elementary program onsite, we have the unique opportunity to create leadership opportunities for our middle and high school students in our other classrooms. Youth may eat lunch with younger kids, help them with art projects, read to them, or even write a theater script where the young kids play star roles.

The industrial age left our country with fervent energy for large-scale efficiency and standardization, but these things shouldn't apply to schools! Rather, we think your students are pretty uniquely gifted and we want to help cultivate their dreams. We take the best from various educational philosophies, incorporating the Socratic method, drawing heavily on the ideals of progressive education, and incorporating ideas from modern micro-schools. 

Secondary Program

Rather than a lecture style, we have work desks around the perimeter of the room and couches and co-working tables in the middle. Here, students can let their guard down, which leads to trust and strong peer and mentoring relationships, as well as motivates risk-taking, creativity, and learning.


We will be asking students to imagine a better world, encouraging awareness and social agency. There are unprecedented new challenges to young people’s futures - from dramatically changing job markets to the growing risk of environmental crises. Rather than leaving kids to be overwhelmed about these problems or skeptical about solutions, we aim to inspire them to care, teaching them that they can make a difference in the world and have a duty to try. We aim to cultivate passionate learners, critical thinkers, and ethical individuals who aim to make the world more kind and just. 

While students will have access to licensed teachers through Utah School Online, there will be two adult mentors with them daily. Mornings will be spent working on the coursework that is required for graduation; by working on computers, students are aided by one another and mentors who can help them figure out how to manage and get the best out of new technology. 

Our afternoons will be diverse, including field trips, service learning, job shadowing, career seminars, adventures in the outdoors, and working on integrated capstone projects. A fall camping and hiking trip at Antelope Island will provide a strong basis for a close-knit community. 

Private School Tuition

7th - 12th Grade | $500 monthly

Additional Pricing Information

Registration | $50 student ($100 family)

Family Discount | 10% off oldest student's tuition

Police / Fire / Military Discount | 5% off tuition

Advance Payment Discount | 10% off annual tuition paid at beginning of academic year

Discounts may not be combined.