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Wasatch Christian School offers a 5 day a week full day (8:30-3:30 pm) kindergarten. In addition, child-care is available from 6am to 5:30 pm.


Our experienced, caring, teachers not only prepare your child academically for 1st grade, but also teach from a Christian worldview that prepares him or her for the future.

In addition to other curriculum, we use a phonics based program called The Spalding Method to develop skilled readers, critical listeners, and accomplished writers and spellers through teaching 70 different phonograms for the children to master.  Through this program your child will learn all the sounds for every combination of letters, which will allow them to decode words easily and efficiently along with learning how to spell and write accordingly.

Language Arts

  • Sight words

  • Rhyming words

  • Phonogram sounds for all consonants and vowels and other consonants and vowel combinations

  • Alphabetizing words using the first letter

  • Reading long vowel words with silent "e" and 2 vowel combinations

  • Reading and spelling 3 letter words with consonant/vowel/consonant patterns

  • Compound words

  • Reading paragraphs and readers



  • Introduction to different types of writing genres

  • Introduction to story elements

  • Using word families to create and write sentences

  • Writing about things they are familiar with

  • Spelling cvc, cvce, cvvc words (c=consonants, v=vowels)

  • Using word families and sight words to create and write sentences

  • Writing about things they are familiar with i.e., family, friends, pets.



  • Patterns

  • Shapes (2 and 3 dimensional)

  • Place values

  • Calendar

  • Story problems

  • Counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's

  • Telling time

  • Measurements (in inches)

  • Counting money

  • Subtraction and addition

  • Fractions

Science and Health

  • Weather

  • Seasons

  • Water cycle

  • Matter: solids, liquids, gases

  • Trees/Leaves

  • Animals

  • Butterflies

  • Light

  • Apples

  • Pumpkins

  • Seeds and plants

  • Taking care of our bodies

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