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Elementary Education

Research Shows...

Research shows multi-age classes can increase children’s self-confidence and enthusiasm about going to school. Because students may learn at faster or slower paces than their age group, in our educational model, students are equipped to move at their own speed. 


We believe children have the innate drive to learn, but are often stifled by imposed curriculum. Unfortunately, children often become overwhelmed at typical schools, whether they are being bullied or bogged down by the pressure to compete for test scores or grades. This stress interferes with learning, diminishing focus and memory. By adapting the pace at which students move through our varied curriculum, our students excel. 


After all, students aren’t empty vessels to be filled with just learning, but active participants in uncovering and understanding truth together. From our perspective, teachers are meant to cultivate strong learning environments and know students well enough to provide the prompts, encouragement, and challenges to inspire them to teach themselves and one another.

Elementary Program

In our elementary program, we maintain a particular focus on literacy and math and teach each child at their own ability level. As a result of our assessments, we create learning groups according to the class’s various levels. This way, each child can work towards their highest potential and reach their personal goals. 


We aim to build a strong classroom community that begins with how the classroom is set up. While students have their own desk or table spot, they are often found working with lap boards on the central rug, in the reading nook, or working with a small group or one on one with a teacher at one of the learning schools.​​

Private School Tuition & Care

Kindergarten - Sixth Grade | $550 monthly, including Extended Care

Additional Pricing Information

Registration | $50 student ($100 family)

Family Discount | 10% off oldest student's tuition

Police / Fire / Military Discount | 5% off tuition

Advance Payment Discount | 10% off annual tuition paid at beginning of academic year

Discounts may not be combined.

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