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3 Year Old Preschool


Our 3 year old preschool class is available 5 days a week and includes a variety of structured learning, hands-on activities, outdoor play time, center time, and small group learning centers. In addition to participating in large and small group activities, we work one-on-one each day. 

When your child leaves our 3 year old preschool class, they will have been exposed to the following:

  • ABC sounds and names

  • A vocabulary of words through stories, songs, and teacher interactions

  • Counting and shapes

  • Name recognition

  • Spelling and writing name

  • Fine and large motor skills

  • Strengthening of small muscles through the use of tweezers, writing utensils, and more

  • Days of the week and months of the year

  • God's Word, the Bible, through stories, prayer time, and songs

  • Art, with mediums such as paint, crayons, and glue

  • Sand play and exploration

  • Science activities

We will also learn: 

  • Sharing

  • Interacting appropriately with others

  • Positive reinforcement for good behaviors

  • Lining up for classroom transitions

  • Personal hygiene and the importance thereof

  • Clear limits and simple class rules

  • Interaction in small group activities

  • Making choices of toys to play with and activities to do

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