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2 Year Old Care


At this young age, children are gaining a realization of others around themselves, but will continue to prefer to play along side peers, instead of with them. They will be striving for independence in many tasks, but will still need help in accomplishing many of them. Children at this age are interested in learning about everything around them. They are curious and may seem to be always getting into mischief. With a vocabulary of 200-330 words and growing, it is important to expose them to new words, books, and songs. Our teachers are very experienced and plan activities that encourages your child's development in the classroom through introduction to: 


  • Counting 

  • Colors

  • Shapes

  • Numbers

  • Letters of the alphabet

  • Animals

  • Songs, finger plays and stories

  • Developing fine motor control through the use of playdough, crayons, painting, pencils

  • Developing gross motor skills such as running, jumping, and hopping

  • Hands-on exploration activities

  • Learning the meaning of new words through stories, books, and speech

  • God's Word through the Bible,  prayer time, and Bible songs

  • Engaging environment that promotes learning

  • Respect, values, and acceptance

  • Love and cuddles

  • Potty training for those who are ready

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